1. Register on platform

2. Select an apartment or room

3. Choose checkin and checkout date. Preview and accept your rental contract terms.

4. Pay the deposit (For booking up to 6 weeks, there is no deposit just rent plus a premium. If you select bank transfer as your payment method, you must do bank transfer within 24 hours). You receive your rental contract after payment under your booking on the platform/App.

5. Your first rent is due on arrival date

6. There is no booking/agency fees. Payment by bank card will incure a 1.5% transaction processing fees. 

1. No need to be a roommate

2. Sign up

3. Go to payout

4. Add your referal name

5. Get paid €20 per booking (over 1 month stay only)

Yes, it is possible. However, you will lose your deposit due to early termination or cancellation.
Yes, it is possible if no one has already booked your room/apartment
Depending on the size of the apartment, if your apartment includes a cleaning service, cleaner will come every 2 weeks to clean communal areas. You are responsible for your room and to maintain the property in good condition.
The keys can be found in a lockbox attached outside the apartment door. Instruction is available in MYCOlive App chat.
If you lose your keys, you will be charged €50 per key.
You will get refunded within 10 working days of end of your contract. IF you use a bankcard to pay your rent, we can make the refund to the same card. IF NOT, you need to provide us with your bank account details (IBAN).
Yes, Monthly rent is based on calendar month. See how we calculate our pricing.

Our price is calculated as follow:

1. There is no booking/agency fees. Payment by bank card will incure a 1.5% transaction processing fees. 

2. If stay is up to 6 weeks, there is no deposit requirement. Rental price will be total of rent, bills and a premium charge

3. For stay above 6 weeks, deposit fee is required (it's returned at the end of your stay) when booking. Monthly rent is due on arrival then every 1st of the month.

4. Random dates booking, for stay above 10 days in any given month, full monthly rent will be charged.

5. Early arrival/late departure: pro-rata nightly fees for stay below 15 days of a given month. This is added to next month rent

It depends on the room/apartment. However, there will be an extra 100€ charge on monthly rent

You can check in anytime after 3 pm.

You can check out anytime before 11 am.